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Are you in the echo chamber of delusion?

Brad from LA – “You’ve got to be kidding me – this is clearly an example of the echo chamber delusion that a lot of digital marketers exist in. So 8,000 people pressed “like” on Facebook? Did they buy the product? Did they evangelize the product to a friend? Are people who answer questions on random Twitter feeds influencers or, in this case, decision makers in the supermarket? Yes, you picked up more followers for nothing — if that gets you paid, congratulations but don’t kid yourself that your brand or bottom line is being forwarded.”

In the end it’s behavior-based. A Facebook fan has no value. Getting a Facebook fan to do something does. @bdwallas Brian Wallace, VP-global digital at BlackBerry

We believe that many marketers think the same when sales numbers are more important than which post received the most “likes” or user shares. Fact is, we’re in the age of Stream Marketing, and where integrating your brand into the conversational steam and engaging your audience is a critical component of your marking strategy. Translating social interactions into click-through and engaging a consumer through relevance is what we will cover in the final story of this three-part series.  (Read Part 1 and Part 2)

Social graph commands a shift in ad spend

The impact social media is having on paid search efforts and ad campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn is clear: Almost half of advertisers surveyed say that social is driving marketing spending. (Covario survey)


This study also found that advertisers will spend 10-20% of their pay-per-click budgets on Facebook next year, giving the social networking site the lion share of that market. How do marketers maximize social interactions around their brands?


Now that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of keyword buying, brands are looking to Social Media Optimization (SMO) to find out what keyword are trending and most relevant in relationship to the Social Graph. Social SEO is becoming the deciding force of the efficiency of ad dollars spent.


Influence and stream marketing

Running any campaign today without understanding the characteristics of your audience content consumption, their brands affinities, and knowing the Influencers is a marketing no-no.

People are socially promiscuous – many boast more than one social presence, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a blog. If you’re not considering these facts you’re missing the greatest marketing invention, called Stream Marketing. Targeting influencers is not easy. It requires intelligence, relevant content and consistency, while understanding these five key factors: 

·      Influencers interact more with brands

·      Influencers generate reach, boosting marketing efficiency

·      Influencers accelerate product adoption and improve profitability

·      Influencers amplify advertising messages via word of mouth

·      Influencers drive conversation activating brand advocacy.

The Content Consumption Graph is driven by a brand’s active audience interacting with content around other brands they’re connected to. This trending content graph is highly relevant to a central brand and being driving by those influencers.

We’re entering the year of Facebook. Many retailers who established Facebook pages are wondering how they’re going to engage customers. Companies such as Best Buy, J.C. Penney, AXE and Complex have open Facebook walls and emphasize engagement as a key part of their social initiative.

Crowd sourced Social Intelligence provides the consumer affinity maps which are trending based on social interaction producing a near real-time keyword trend map.   The more the interation the better the target trending.


Evidence suggests that Facebook is successful directing new customers to retailer sites. and Twitter are also connecting shoppers with retailer sites. Companies like PeopleBrowsr, Gravity Twiterest, SocialFlow, Backtype, Sharethis, Asteriq – mentionmap and help better understand the Twitter data stream in order to harness the Public Interest Graph, while optimizing the timing and content of posts.


Facebook and Twitter don’t displace editorial curation or search, but add a new mode — recommendations and links from friends, family and other trusted sources — that can spark viral distribution and mass awareness.

Social Intelligence and Engagement Media

Engagement media offer a plethora of tools to ignite passion and social distribution with nearly infinite supply of content creators and minimal cost of creating media,   This affords brands a unique opportunity to leverage the influence engagement media with consumers.   With a nearly infinite supply of content creators and minimal cost of creating media, the Content Consumption Graph is now more important than ever.

Redefining relevance  and content toward conversational marketing must inspire feedback to expand the reach. Using Social Intelligence lets brands know what’s most relevant to their audience, while increasing positive brand sentiment and greater engagement.   Engagment is not delusion if your interactions are matched with the brands goals.

What are you using today to determine what your audience engagement points are and do you think consumer relationships with brands are just waiting for a discount or coupon?



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