Expert Strategies for Using Social Media to Sell More, Faster


Role of Social Content in the Sales Process
Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne, argues that InfiniGraph’s business proposition is based on a Content = Digital Bait model.
Content once held a nicely defined niche in the sales process. It was used to articulate our message or hype our benefits. Content was highly sanitized and contrived. Now we see an entirely new role for content with consumers providing what is most relevant based on social behavior and letting brands participate in their digital conversations.

Content use to be what marketers decided, such as a 30-second spot, print ad, direct mail and e-mail, which was pre-defined and one way. Now there is an emerging discipline that has content taking on the role of DIGITAL BAIT.

The concept has marketers producing a whole stream of digital content for the market place. It can be on thought leadership, what your beliefs are, your special expertise in the form of a blog, or Twitter and Groupon offers.

This new skill set requires that marketers be great at creating content, delivering it to the market place and then understanding what people respond too.

Publishing content, understanding who acts on it, and who is driving the conversation in your sector, goes beyond social listening and monitoring and is key to capturing your business’ social voice.

It has been shown that using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn increases your marketing communication program’s reach with target customers. Furthermore, it’s also true that about 1% of your audience shares your content that ultimately drives reach.   Here is InfiniGraph’s approach to content intelligence for more in-depth and to see the entrie Infographic go here


Social engagement creates Reach, Relationship and Response enabling you to learn to sell more and faster, based on consumer interaction. Marketers who do not own their social voice and content space will see competitors grabbing increased share, so it’s imperative that one is prepared to compete based on Social Intelligence.

Below is an example of how InfiniGraph can assist in developing content intelligence:


Crowdsourced content is one of the best ways to determine what‘s trending around your brand and most relevant to your audience. Half the battle in content marketing is having the knowledge of what is driving the conversation, therefore, making you the smartest person in your community.

Knowing what to insert in your feed and seeing realtime results lets you build your content consumption’s success. Another major opportunity is increasing relevancy among your audience even if the content falls outside of your industry’s purview, which offers the distinct opportunity to interweave a brand message as part of a more advanced content marketing strategy.

How are you using content to be more relevant and what are you using to discover content that can turn your brand into a thought leader?

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