5 Ways to Create Frictionless Content Marketing

If your content doesn’t create a response in your audience members, they won’t follow you to wherever you want to take them. For content marketers, this is a cardinal sin. The Key Question Is: What kind of content universally resonates with people?  When it comes to Big Data, the next big thing is filtering and frictionless sharing.

Marketers are at full content overload now and brands need a solution to filter all of this overwhelm down, and create context to make their data actionable. How to make sense of the noise and publish only the relevant content to increase brands to consumer cadences is key and drives content marketing.  We will explore two critical areas for marketers pushing the envelope on consumer engagement.

1) Mining and integration of Facebook’s open graph to better understand relationships and what people do with content.
2) More sophisticated data aggregation and connecting the dots to improve your ability to target.

To design compelling content marketing campaigns, pay more attention to social news feeds and using content to create engagement.   Most brands don’t consider the above “interaction funnel” steps when developing content worthy of ad promotion.

Frictionless Sharing in Facebook Ads: Beyond Analytics to Actionable Intelligence

Slides from the AllFacebook Marketing conference SF June 29th 2012

We have moved from a Keyword world to a Social Action and Interests world.  This shift is happening outside the brands control and people are interacting with all types of content that’s highly relevant to a brand’s message.  The importance for brands is to identify these content types and themes.   Using what’s already working with your target audience is the foundation to developing content that not only shareable but also worthy of spending money to amplify engagement on a brand’s primary call to action.  Content and Facebook ads are connected – the content most relevant and stimulating to your customers is one of the most critical steps to developing engagement content marketing strategies.

Social is not a campaign- it’s about creating relationships.  Think social by design. Most every content item out there on the web has a social share buttons linked with it.  Facebook, Twitter, and others are no longer just social websites- they’re also a massive barometer of content relevance.

99% of your audience is not mentioning your keywords …. But the 99% interacting with social media content is very important.     Brands that are curating content get more consumer engagement.   This is evident even with brands that have Open Walls allowing consumer to post.

The more effective brands carefully moderate this content, thus inserting themselves into the conversation.  A recent Mashable post including George Takei Airs News Feed Frustrations, Facebook Responds – http://bit.ly/Lzpa is a must read ……  This is very important when considering Facebook EdgeRank’s impact on your content- consistent engagement is just as important as putting out content.  The brands that maximize their earned media and then amplify with paid will have the most success.

Some content is more interesting than other content. What are your consumers interacting with?   Most brands are myopic and don’t look outside themselves.  The reality is that your customer is interacting with a ton of content relevant to your brand- and they’re doing this on your page and other pages.    If your posts are always about your brand and promotions, your social media performance will be lower than brands that mix in appealing content and make their brands more human.

5 ways to create frictionless content marketing
1.  Identify what’s working: Look at what content is working in your industry all the time.    Who is driving the greatest degree of content interaction and what other content sources are most relevant to your audiences? Create content that creates social action, and let that drive what you put into ads.     All feeds are amazing test-beds to see what’s working not only for you but also for other brands.
2.  Have an open mind: Think outside yourself and the old-school creative process.  The themes with which your audience is interacting is a big deal.   Look at your competitors, or 10 – 20 brands in your industry and compare what content is trending collectively.  Get a handle on what’s resonating with your audience outside your brand.
3.  Focus on the type of content: Marketers are drowning in data.   Leverage data filtering in a way that surfaces content relevant to your audience.   Each type of content (video, photo, link, etc.) will perform differently on different days. The same goes when launching ads.
4.  Create a flexible content calendar:  If there is content resonating or trending with your audience not only do you need to know about but you also need a plan to integrate with your existing content marketing plan.   Good content has a low perishability and we have found you got 14 days to work it.
5. Use content curation: Most brand can’t create enough good content to keep their audience engaged, however, with content curation and combining a very strong call to action back to their brand they can harness highly relevant content to their advantage.  Is highly important to look over the 20 + content sites and find the average post volumes and types of content to know the level you need to include in your content calendar.

Video of Chase McMichael presenting at the AllFacebook Marketing conference SF June 29th 2012  on Frictionless Sharing in Facebook Ads: Beyond Analytics to Actionable Intelligence

As Brian Carter says, “You have had genius moments- just not every day.  But around us there are continuous genius moments” InfiniGraph taps that genius” Content is KING but it’s really about conversation.  If you not inducing conversation with your content then no one is going to see that content because of the fundamental nature of how all the social site news feeds work.  The degree of how much content is getting interaction is very import to a content marketer.   If you think about we are seeing a major shift from keywords to people interacting with content based on interests.

When do I buy and ad on my content?   This is a very important question and we have found that content obtaining many shares (people sharing in their own feeds) or many comments are perfect candidates to purchase ads on.   Please note “The majority people do not see the majority of content” this a very important take away.   The brands that maximize their earned media and then amplify with paid will have the most success.

FIND OUT what’s RESONATING at InfiniGraph – see your industry Hypercuration™ and search here on brands like IAMS to see their trending content.

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