Chief Marketing Officers’ 5 Biggest Needs in Social Media (Q3&4 2012)

There’s no question that marketing executives need results- and those results must be demonstrable. Marketing executives need tools that provide accurate insights to form effective strategies that their marketing, PR and social media teams can use to achieve those results.

From our work and conversations marketing executives, and our recent judges’ review in the CRM Idol competition, here are the top five things we hear that CMO’s need the most in quarters three and four of 2012.

  1. Tie social to the bottom-line: conversions and revenue
  2. Identify the best social metric: there are too many choices
  3. Leverage “Big Data” for content marketing and social media
  4. Make technology produce strategic insights
  5. Create executable plans for marketing, social and PR teams

1. Tie social to the bottom-line: conversions and revenue

You can’t capture or keep your market-share or mind-share if competitors are stealing it with highly engaging content.

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What videos and photos and posts are working best for them and you?
  • How effective are you compared to your competitors?

Be the smartest person in the room by finding the content that’s already working in your niche and others. For example, see trends around iTunes, Ben & Jerry’s, BMW, adidas, or McDonald’s.

Track everything into your CRM, and find out which engaging content drives the most revenue.

2. Identify the best social metric:

There are many choices of metrics. But the sales funnel must stay big at the top (visibility and reach) for you to get any customers to come out at the bottom (sales). If customers and fans don’t engage, you aren’t visible and you become irrelevant. Using trending content makes people engage with your brand. Move away from boring. Find out what is most interesting and stimulating. We rank content in real-time and organize it by industry. Our first 40+ industry pages (coming soon) show which content is hottest in each industry.

From CRM Idol:

“In the crowded category of content marketing (how marketers track content distribution, causality, and influence) Infinigraph has an interesting entry.  They call themselves a source of social intelligence and the demo we saw shows it is after a well thought-out and known market: marketers looking to gather information about the effectiveness of their campaigns in social media.”

3. Leverage “Big Data” for content marketing and social media

Big data is a big opportunity, but CMO’s are drowning in data. Like most executives these days who deal with digital marketing, advertising and sales, we have too much analytics. It’s impressive, but is it useful? InfiniGraph’s tools and research identifies trends important to your customers to help you create intelligent and effective marketing.

Our CRM Idol Primary Judges said,

“The idea of social competitive brand intelligence resonates well with brands and marketers needs: gathering real-life insights and status of multiple campaigns in real-time is the epitome of what marketers thought they would get from social channels.”

4. Make technology produce strategic insights

Define strategy by starting with the customer ecosystem around your brand. What content is resonating with in your niche? What about outside of your niche? Get in tune with your audience. Find out what content works by searching for your brand. Create brand-level engagement. Have another goal with another audience? Get intel on that ecosystem as well. Different content, different interests, different responses.

5. Create executable plans for marketing, social and PR teams

Take guesswork out of your content calendar. Get the most out of every day. You can use InfiniGraph insights (particularly the CBI) to map out a content calendar that will boost your engagement, visibility and results by 30% or more.

For more, watch our CEO Chase McMichael talk at the 2012 Silicon Valley Innovation Summit:

Start getting intelligence on your brand and niche now. Click here and search for your brand.

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