25 Most "Content" Engaged Brands on Twitter: A Study by @DrNatalie

Wondering what brands are the most engaged on Twitter – this New York Times Top 25 Most Engaged Brandsarticle explores that? We did too. I began the study by looking at the brands who had the most Twitter followers. We took a list of 100 of those brands and using the InfiniGraph.com platform, we added those brands into system which did the big data crunching. Mashable has a ton of articles on how social networks like Twitter are trying new things to increase engagement. Here’s a recap article about the study and the engagement of brands on Forbes.

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There’s certainly lots of definitions of engagement. Here’s a great article by Jay Baer who interviewed David Armano on how brands need to create a iterative strategy around engagement- micro-interactions & incremental customer experience victories. The LA Times has many articles on how brands are using social media and networking. Jon Swartz writes about the abundance of platforms for customers to engage on, hinting that perhaps more is not the answer. Maybe really understanding what engagement means is a beginning. In this case, the InfiniGraph Engagement Platform looked at Twitter engagement as measured by RT’s, clicks and @ replies.

Study of the 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter on Mashable which provides a very nice overview of the study’s results. The results of the study are in this report found here:
Here’s the of the top 25 most engaged brands on Twitter:

1. Notebook of Love 2. Disneywords 3. ESPN 4. Funny Facts 5. PlayStation 6. Disney 7. Chelsea Football Club 8. BBC Breaking News 9. NASA 10. CNN Breaking News 11. Instagram 12. YouTube 13. Facebook 14. NBA 15. Arsenal16. The Onion17. Disney Pixar 18. FunnyorDie.com 19. CNN 20. National Geographic 21. UNICEF 22. Dropbox 23. MTV 24. WWE 25. Chanel
Content Engagement best brands on Twitter top 25 most followed

Here’s more details on how the study was conducted:

1. We looked at the brands with the most Twitter followers and created a list of 100 of the most followed brands for the month of February 2013

2. We used InfiniGraph.com to crunch all the “BIG” Data in this report

3. See the Engagement Analysis and Platform powered by InfiniGraph

4. The 100 brands with the most followers were put into the InfiniGraph Platform for the time period of 02/2013 to 03/2013

5. The InfiniGraph Platform took the information about each brand and gathered the data you see in this report:

• The volume of posts

• The level of engagement

• The content that is shared by each brand

• What days / times during the day it is shared and

• Compares and ranks it

6. Then the InfiniGraph system creates the graphs you see in this report.

Wondering how your brand’s engagement compares to your competitors?

You can find out by following these steps:

  • Search on your own brand at: http://smo.infinigraph.com
  • Or click on the industry analysis on the right
  • If your brand is not in the system, request that it’s added
  • Then select the brands you want to compare to your brand and run the report in InfiniGraph
  • Study the results of the comparison
  • Compare how much you post vs the level of engagement
  • Study the other brand’s engagement capabilities and tactics
  • And make changes to your strategy and tactics

The study was commission by Nestivity and Evolve Capital. And in full disclosure, InfiniGraph is a client of mine. And I am proud to be on InfiniGraph’s Advisory Board.

Study by @DrNatalie & InfiniGraph.com

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