Exclusive Insights into The Top Automotive Companies With the Best Social Media Engagement

Be the first to access  Dr. Natalie Petouhoff presentation and comprehensive industry insights presented at the Automotive Social Media Summit 2013.   Social media engagement is one of the top metrics most marketers are measured on. In truth, what engagement comes down to is people sharing things- posts, pictures, comments, status updates, videos, links, offers…  That’s why content and storytelling matters so much in social media marketing.

Story-telling driven content is what drives customers through the marketing funnel in an authentic, genuine way– while humanizing the brand and building a strong bond and relationship your customers. It educates buyers without overwhelming them with blunt (buy our stuff) ads. It energizes your campaigns with content that compels people to share it because it’s relevant to them. That sharing increases your share of voice and the number of people in your marketing funnel.

Because The TLS Auto Summit Conference is such a special gathering of the top people in automotive, I wanted to make available my exclusive research on the automotive industry brand engagement insights.

Exclusive Insights into The Top Automotive Companies With the Best Social Media Engagement

Exclusive Insights into The Top Automotive Companies With the Best Social Media Engagement

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With 3.5B pieces of content shared per week, that’s a lot of sharing. And for most marketers, it’s overwhelming to figure out this content “game:”

  • What creative content works best?
  • What are your competitors doing that you are not?
  • How can you find fans that you have in common with affiliate brands to increase your fan base– fans you can’t find any other way?
  • What’s the best social channel to put your content on, i.e., where are your fans & your competitors posting / engaging the most?
  • Who’s got the largest share of voice? Higher post volume does not always equal engagement
  • If you are going to place an ad, which affiliate brand should you partner with (i.e., which affiliate brands have the same fan base as yours?)
  • And how can you save money on creative content by finding the top content that’s trending with your target audience and be able to automatically add it to your editorial content management system…?

To get some insight into these and other questions, please register and download exclusive access to the automotive industry insights – whether you represent a luxury brand domestic car brands, imports… I hope you enjoy the research and look forward to your thoughts and questions.

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