5 Ways Social Beauty Is Not Skin Deep – Engage and Win

The beauty and cosmetic industry is dominating Social Media, and for good reason.   Women are the most socially active consumer group when it comes to Facebook /Twitter, and they create a wealth of engaging content.   There is a high stakes game going on with whoever captures the mind share of this group, evokes their passion, and captures their pocket book.

In our previous post “Content Curation: Advocates, Influencers and Relevance”    we noted that good content curation enables thought leadership, higher engagement and an increase in Facebook Edgerank.  Edgerank is how Facebook manages which posts get placed at the top of an individual user’s news feed.   Brands that have figured out how to curate, outperform and often are more profitable than those who do not curate their own content.   Be sure to download Dr. Natalie Petouhoff eBook “The Social Engagement Rankings of the Top 15 Cosmetic Brands” for more in depth analysis of who is driving engagement and on what.

See top 15 social cosmetics brand rank and what content is driving them higher.

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According to L2  – L2 Think Tank is a research group who created the Top 100 Prestigious Brands. We connected with the founder Scott Galloway, at OMMASocial NY where we saw the considerable level of work the team took in order to come up with the Top 100 list.  The analysis focused on the engagement leaders within the luxury category in 100 top brands on Facebook.

InfiniGraph took this research further and applied social-behavioral analytics in order to better analyze the list.   (NOTE:  each brand name listed is clickable. Click the links below in order to run the InfiniGraph Social Intelligence on each brand.)

L2 Top brands L2 Rank L2 Class
CLINIQUE 165 Genius
BENEFIT 149 Genius
BOBBI BROWN 148 Genius
LANCÔME 140 Genius
CLARINS 137 Gifted
MAC 135 Gifted
NARS 131 Gifted
AVEDA 123 Gifted
L’OCCITANE 118 Gifted
KIEHL’S 108 Average
SMASHBOX 105 Average
SHISEIDO 93 Average
SK-II 63 Feeble
FRESH 62 Feeble

Scott Galloway says:   “While many prestige brands wait for hard [return on investment] to justify a shift in human, creative, and financial capital from traditional to emerging platforms, others have taken a leap of faith and are in an arms race to acquire Facebook likes.”

With cost-per-click “ads on Facebook up 40 percent” in the first quarter of 2011 versus the same time last year, “the industry may look back and regret not having aggressively built communities for a fraction of the cost”.  However, winning on Facebook is more than just like count. Although many prestige brands maintain monocular focus on the size of their Facebook community, “they have failed to embrace the authentic two-way communication and marketing activation required to monetize the platform.

Applying social-behavioral “intelligence”

Through InfiniGraph’s Social Intelligence which uses social-behavioral analysis on content interaction we found that Urban Decay Cosmetics  was the second most connected brand to people active on the L2’s top Beauty / Skincare overtaking Clinique and Bobbi Brown.   Below is the Top 5 Brand Affinities based on what consumes behavior is around other contented activity as they relate to the Top 5 L2 cosmetic brands.

Sephora is the most influential retail outlet and dominates socially, whereas top publications are Allure Magazine, Marie Claire, Who What Wear and Fashionista.

Looking at the Urban Decay Top Affinities chart above it’s clear where the best source of cross posting content resides.  Sephora still leads the way as a major connector along with Marie Claire.

But, we wanted to take this cross relevance further.  Below you can see the cross counts (who shows up more with greater content activity) of the L2 top brands with the most trending cross connections.  Sephora is over 50% greater than any brand or retailer!   Swiffer and Food Network made it in the top 16 providing a unique insight on what other properties are getting engagement and should be used in targeting.

All brand displayed were derived from the Top 5 Brand Affinities and shows you which consumers are the most socially active in reference to the L2 Top brands, and, where content should be sourced from, via partnering and targeting.

Social Analytics is changing the way we communicate and interface with brands that sell “feeling good” through health, wellness, and beauty.  The brands that successfully leverage conversation will dominate, as more buyers become more socially connected.

Key takeaways:

  • Brands that allow posting on their wall obtain higher engagement
  • Engagement around products got the highest interaction rates
  • Posts around contests and promotions registered the lowest interaction rates.
  • There is poor integration  across digital platforms when using the Like and Share within content and promotion
  • Competence on Facebook is inextricably linked to shareholder growth

It’s clear a lot can be learned from the beauty industry.    Not all brands are created equal and in this tech savvy world, those that are more likeable, sharable, and engaging, will cut through the clutter.    The competition is steep, everyone wants to be the “thought leader,” but only a few can be.    Learning how to harness your content will make for a much more effective social experience.

Questions to ask:

  • When Content trends on your brand, what do you do?
  • Are you getting the most out of your content marketing?
  • Are you expanding your outreach on what your consumers engage with, or letting it die?
  • Are you asking your audience questions around your trending content?

What areas of content are getting you the most social traction?  Share with us sites you have seen that are doing well with curated content creating engagement.

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