What's Engagement? How Data Driven Marketers Are Crushing Content Marketing

“What’s Engagement?”  A thought provoking question marketers should ask themselves that not only instigates but also produces varied but comprehensive answers, perspectives, and insights regarding today’s best tactics of social media engagement. Here, through our free eBook of “What’s Engagement”, you will learn how to skillfully meld your company with today’s social media to best connect with your audience. But, even more importantly, HOW do the brands effectively create, introduce, and advertise content that is both engaging and sustainable to their target audience? This question is thoroughly answered within this free eBook authored by Chase McMichaelDr. Natalie PetouhoffBrian Carter, and over 30 notable marketing contributors.

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What’s Engagement, more specifically, will give the most adequate tactics to:

1. Effectively utilize and prioritize your Mixed Media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. See what media sites are being the most used and are the most effective to garner more attention for your company.

2. Understand the importance of catering your company’s image to your target audience, adapt to consumer needs through social media to gain valuable customer opportunities.

3. Emphasize the sustainable Storydoing Method to enforce narrative rather than solely through short-lived and baited communication (storytelling) with the product or service. This will create a more proactive community and loyalty through the customers that can be further expanded using social media. It will further positively impact other standard marketing goals such as annual revenue, budget savings, growth rate and shareholders’ views.

Below is an example of the storytelling technique by melding together two very diverse entities: cars and surfing. This is used by the commercial “Mazada Game-Changer.” Click  HERE for the full video.

4. Maximize the competitive advantages that Real-Time Marketing provides in comparison to the static-editorial calendar method by actively engaging with your audience.

5. Become a Leader within your industry by instigating and kickstarting conversation.

6. Obtain the insights and valued advice from top marketing leaders of all different backgrounds for the most compelling social media engagement.

And why is all this knowledge and insight valuable to you?

Social media engagement, as demonstrated through the image above, has become increasingly relevant and important within the field of today’s content marketing as an extremely invaluable tool to utilize. This has only been perpetuated from Google as they have launched moves to evolve a higher quality of content their audience receives. From the image on the right, one can see that SEO and content engineering have essentially swapped roles in importance as the impact of the social feed in today’s media has forced companies to become more attentive to the quality of material they are putting forth.

Ultimately, “We know that quantity of the content does not matter and, instead, the type and quality of the content.” Look below for a evident example of this idea.

Here, we found from our numerous responses, that Facebook Shares is the most effective method to reaching out for an audience showing the importance that content carries.

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Other notable contributors to look inside for include Alyson Stone, Josh Harcus, Michael Kwolek, Frederick J. Nager, Grzegorz Guzdziol, Steven Moore, Evan Greenberg, Inga Starrett, Wayne Pelletier, Molly Cantrell-Kraig, Michael Stich, Jon Wright, Sunny Virmani, Brett Bumeter, Richard Neal, Dr. Augustine Fou, Richard White, Matt Corey, Maryna Burushkina, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Johann Carpio, Christopher J. Skinner, Karen Kallet, Phoebe Yu, Erin Korogodsky, Rebecca Foss, Mark Giangreco Jr., Mario Herger, Nina Ho, Alissa Circle, Chelsea Marti, Steve Stratz, Davaughnu Banks, Fabio Fabbi, Miguel Gonzalez, Tariq Ahmad, Jason Burnham, Amar Trivedi, Mikal Belicove, Wayne Pelletier, Adam Keats, John Lee Dumas, Gustavo Demoner, Rich Taylor, and Michele McConomy. All their insights regarding social media engagement can only be found here!

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  1. Hey Chase: great report! I’m glad to be a part of it. It shows that having a bunch of fans isn’t enough – you have to give them a reason to care about what you do.

  2. Great to have so many smart people contributing to a wonderful mindmelt of wisdom around engagement, content and a brand’s audience!

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