7 Strategies Executives Must Know or Die

CEOs, are the true face of the company. However, many are lacking in connecting with their customers as other executive brands have done creating an unfair advantage. This usually results in playing catchup: new school vs. old school. Their very presence should be leading the brand and its respective industry forward. Many executives have recently shared a similar perspective as  discovered by Weber Shandwick for three crucial reasons: communication, reputation, and results. What path has your company taken: proactive or reactive? Does your company have a content engineering plan and are you fully utilizing the potential capabilities of social media internal and external? And are you, the CEO, becoming a faceless entity or actively interacting with not just your employees but your target audience? These are a just few of the questions that will be answered in the 7 Social Media Marketing + Sales Strategies Executives Must Know 2013 Edition.

7 Social Media Marketing & Sales Strategies Executives Must Know in 2013

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In the 7 Social Media Marketing + Strategies Executives Must Know 16-page report written by Brian Carter today, inquires you to thoughtfully question your company’s social media strategies. While simultaneously, informing you on the most strategic methods to handle social media competitors, become competitive in sales, adjust to social innovations, and maximize the usage of your company’s digital team.

Understanding your audience’s social affinities and content sharing activity provides the best cross targeting intelligence there is. These are facts, being social is being collaborative is creating a competitive advantage. As a brand’s social graph grows, the tsunami of information and content sharing among followers becomes overwhelming. Brands that have harnessed this wealth of information are crushing their competition. Monitoring, analyzing, and putting in action data that would normally be dormant is the new weapon in marketing. These attributions are all catalysts to the birth of real-time marketing and data-driven insights that should be the cornerstone of all customer engagement, product innovation strategies and sales. (It’s in the eBook!) How are you weaponizing your content strategy?

A image from IBM Social Business describing the importance of social enterprise and employee based communication with customers to turn customers into advocates. 

But it’s not about who you connected to today, it’s about who you’re not connected to today. The quality of followers matters due to social resonance — the ability for a message to be shared and continually carried beyond its initial broadcast. Low social interaction results in low fan value. Thus, use your digital presence to obtain loyal customers as profit is much higher through recommendations, advance word-of-mouth,” actively advocate on behalf of your brand, and increase competitive advantage.

A key issue with social monitoring is that most brands listen for what they already know. However that misses key conversations that do not involve your brand. Is your executive team thinking this way? More in-depth at the eBook regarding key-takeaways for this question.Your company should be leading and influencing the   conversations to enhance your brand perception.

Yoram Wurmser, DMA research manager reports that 65% of brands don’t do any basic social listening or monitoring. This is likely due to the difficulty of making information actionable — too much data is flowing back without a clear way to act on the disorganized information.  Brands have to manage their own relevance in social media. This can be accomplished by leveraging social engagement obtained through crowd sourcing. A technique that offers the ultimate relevance filtering platform, whereby consumers collectively decide what information is most important and hence producing the best predictor of what others would benefit from discovering. Thus, an important element to take notice of, use competitive intelligence for higher engagement performance!

An example of curated content from InfiniGraph showing how well or how poorly content is currently being engaged through social platforms. 

Positive and effective usage of social media could contribute highly to the growth of your customer service, product development, and, of course, your PR and Marketing. It has been proven to lead to increasing sales, instigate first contact resolution, minimize expenses for product launches, and quickly adjust to social innovations for customer service and product development. In terms of PR and Marketing, increased SEO traffic and brand awareness are the vital keys to gaining new customers.

This trend can further be attributed to CEOs and Executives of brands seeking larger social presences for their brands. While the numbers are slowly rising, currently 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever.

Take a look at this infographic, detailing more information on CEOs:

2013 Social CEO Report, CEO.com

The majority of CEOs have only one social network they engage with. Chosen networks tend to be LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google + as Facebook participation by CEOs have actually declined.
2013 Social CEO Report, CEO.com
More and more marketers and brand managers are putting a stronger focus upon their company’s online image. Seeing as a CEO is often regarded as the image of the company, “the inability to adapt to emerging market conditions will impact the overall sustainability of a business or brand,” stated by Faisal Hoque. What benefits are there for executives management teams who become actively engaged inside the realm of social media?
  1. Track your social media employees and gain a broader perspective onto how well your marketers are engaging with their target audience.
  2. Full Access To Your Audience by being aware of how your actions will impact the brand both positively and negatively in terms of competition.
Executives that embrace advanced social conversation techniques that enrich consumer lives without making them noisier, will enhance brand loyalty and, ultimately, emerge as the ultimate winners in 2014.
What executive strategies are you implementing to energize your enterprise collaboration in being a more competitive company?
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