High Cardio Content Marketing in Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry

The medical and fitness industries today are lagging in their commitment to social media, however, there are some clear winners. As a result, doctors, medical device manufacturers, medical institutions, and medical companies are missing out on a major source of potential clients. InfiniGraph had the unique opportunity to work with Marketo to publish “The State of Content Marketing & Social Medial in the Medical & Fitness Industry” 

Marketo The State of Content Marketing and Social Media in the Medical and Fitness Industry

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So why have these industries been slowly adapting to today’s main source of communication?  When it comes to participation in social media, some of the concerns for medical professionals and institutions are:

  • Fear that social media may compromise patient or client privacy and security
  • Challenges in creating a secure monitoring system to prevent employees or outsiders from abusing social media, which could potentially lead to charges of malpractice
  • Challenges in producing factually accurate content to positively impact the image and reputation of their brand

These are legitimate concerns, but the many benefits to using social media far outweigh the risks. First and foremost, using social media is an obvious way to generate word-of-mouth advertising. In addition, social media makes keeping in touch with past clients and networking with new ones extremely convenient. Quick communication between businesses and consumers is especially helpful for pharmaceutical companies, medical supply companies, and other medical business. There is no faster way to spread information.

Doctors On Google Glass

Marketers in these industries are being challenged, however, by limited budgets, limited staff, and an enormous customer base that is hungry for information. In this eBook, we will address the critical questions you need answers to:

  • What is engagement?
  • What is relevant content?
  • Who are the top industry performers and how are they generating success?



Medical companies need to get online educational information out to their consumers before social conversations can begin. According to recent surveys, patients seem to be more than ready to participate.

Consumer Data Analysis Medical

Consumers are willing to communicate with the medical industry through online resources. Image: Health Direction

  • A survey of 1,060 U.S. adults by the PwC Health Research Institute found that 1/3 of respondents are attracted toward social media platforms as places for discussions of healthcare. Patients’ attraction to these online communities has prompted many healthcare organizations to reshape their social media strategy, from one focused on marketing to one that is part of an overall business strategy. By integrating social media with their entire strategy, companies can engage patients, address concerns, and even provide medical services in an attempt to reduce the costs of providing care.
  • According to a survey by the Journal of Internet Medical Research, 60% of adults surveyed used the Internet to find medical information. However, less than 15% actually used social media to discuss health concerns with their peers.

2012 Fitness and Technology Survey

Image and Survey by Life and Fitness


The rise of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and other social media platforms have generated an overflow of data and information. Marketers within the health and fitness industries must understand that the role of engagement with your online audience has greatly increased in importance. But what does engagement look like?

Brand Content Marketing Hub Social engagement includes interactions through tweets, comments, shares, clicks, and traffic to pages. Other industries have quickly learned that brands who engage online with customers, drive online conversations, or who appeal online to consumer passions win valuable opportunities. To gain the competitive advantage, you need to drive and influence the conversation by being the authority in your industry.    Read more depth and insights and download the free eBook.

Your turn, tell us how consumer engagement has impacted your content creation process and how you’re leveraging data to drive your content marketing strategy.

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