How Video Machine Learning Increases Advertising Yield

Here are two examples of how video machine learning increases advertising yield.

Yield Example #1: Pre-roll

If you run pre-roll on your video content, you likely fill it with an RTB network. For this example, assume you have 1 million visitors a day coming to your site and 5% watch a video. That means that you are showing 50,000 pre-roll ads each day.

Now assume that you run KRAKEN on your videos, and engagement jumps 2X so that 10% of visitors watch a video. That means that you will be showing 100,000 pre-roll ads each day. KRAKEN has effectively added an additional 50,000 pre-roll spots for you to fill!


Yield Example #2: Premium Content

For our second example, assume you monetize with premium content. You have an advertising client who has given you a budget of $100,000 and expects their video to be shown 5 million times. With your current play rates, you determine it will take four days to achieve that KPI.

Instead, you run KRAKEN on their premium content, and engagement jumps 2X. You will hit your client’s KPI in only two days. You now have freed up two days of premium content inventory that you can sell to another client!


As you can see from both examples, using KRAKEN actually increases the advertising yield of your video, because consumer engagement is increases.  If you would like to learn more about KRAKEN, please request a demo.

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