Native Advertising HyperDiscovery

Native Advertising and Content Recommendation solves the big problem brands have with content amplification.  See how to achieve 20X greater engagement over industry averages. 


Native Content Insertion as seen on a website or within a publishers post.

The native product is a dynamic content module that pulls in top trending social activity from the brands’s site. It’s a high impact, dynamic creative that lives within contextually relevant content – delivering higher engagements to an interested audience

  • Content Amplification at scale – CPM pricing
  • 200MM reach over the SocialMom’s Network
  • Fully automate your Native Insertion on brands and off brand sites
  • Track engagement with GoogleAnalytics integration
  • No risk trial to qualified brands




More live example of how SocialMoms runs these native units across contextually relevant sites reaching 200+ million friends, fans and followers.  Various native ad sizes are targeting are available.

Content Marketing Hub for Winter Sports

InfiniGraph provides a turnkey solution for retailers and brands looking to increase consumer transaction and engagement. Think of it like a Pinterest for brands living on your website, blog, and eCommerce pages.

  • Display relevant content trends in real-time (scored on engagement).

  • Supports many brand’s site content showing best trends in one visual “Hyper Discovery” view.

  • Optimized for your mobile consumer. From your website to mobile, it’s a snap.

Amplify content trends where your consumer’s engage and keep them coming back.  See Content Hub example on top winter sports brands and select an industry relevant to your brand here.

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What people are saying about InfiniGraph

Wendy Hofstetter, Finish LineWendy Hofstetter
Director of Digital Marketing at Finish Line

“InfiniGraph makes it easy to track content on an ongoing basis so brands can make quick changes to their content strategy”


Aleksey BaksheyevAleksey Baksheyev, Complex Media
VP of Technology at Complex Media

“Thanks to InfiniGraph,  Complex Media’s flag ship site, received 30% more traffic.”

Content Hub Main Benefits

  • Increase Page Authority and Organic traffic
  • Brands can calculate an ROI from their content engagement
  • Mobile optimized experience that’s relevant to consumers and employees
  • Optimizes content based on usage behavior –  Yes it’s intelligent
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Match trending product content with catalog eCommerce integration
  • True SaaS offering just drop in code and configure
  • Creates a new data source for greater consumer insights

Native Advertising for Publishers and Retailers

Apparel Fashion Content Hub with Native AdsContent Hubs are ideal for retailers and publishers looking to maximize their sponsored content. The Content Hub is about hyper discovery, driving reach and share. Dynamically insert native ads maximizing promotional engagement. 

  • Embedded content widget on website or blog with real-time native advertising insertion within visual content hub stream.

  • Intelligently amplify reach and content scoring to drive greater engagement.

  • Leverage the power of InfiniGraph’s Hypercuration™

  • Track clicks, shares, purchases, and other vital analytics.

  • Show ME; see this Content Hub in action along with 20 other industries in real-time.

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What people are saying about InfiniGraph

Peter Fasano, Ogilvy

Peter Fasano
Senior Vice President at Social@Ogilvy

“InfiniGraph is an innovative platform to support content marketing at scale”

Troy Allen, Me-Ality
Troy Allen

Marketing Director at Me-Ality

“InfiniGraph drove  2000% growth for us – but their most powerful capability is identifying fashion trends. They surface what’s hot before it happens, giving us a competitive advantage.”

Closed Loop Content Hub

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 Content Hub Main Features

Hypercuration Content Hub

  • No social admin required: Any brand, retailer blog can display a Content Hub
  • Supports custom CSS (your look and feel)
  • Source from many content feeds (Ideal for retailers representing many products or many publishers) based on Hypercuration™
  • Auto display, filter and Content Moderation in real-time
  • Built for viral sharing and spread to enhance discovery
  • Automatically ranks based on engagement – think self-optimizing
  • Enterprise ready to go.  Track every click, share and reach
  • Scores your existing content or other content for display
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 or more vertical panel presentation is easy to config
  • Blog (WordPress drop in) or website insertion –  YES even on eCom exit purchase pages, emails to news letters we keep them engaged
  • Native Advertising enabled or XML ad feed insertion

What people are saying about InfiniGraph

 Jayson Yau, “InfiniGraph tells us what content is working and when over the media properties most important to our customers” Jason Yao
Director of Digital Marketing - L’Oreal USA

“InfiniGraph tells us what content is working and when over the media properties most important to our customers”


Dan Woolsey, Director of Business Operations, NBC News (TheGrio)  Dan Woolsey
Director of Operations, – NBC News

“Every brand is familiar with the need for social media.  The common challenge is that this general need for social media costs time and money and there are frustratingly few paths to a calculable ROI.  Quite simply, InfiniGraph paves that path.  By identifying trending content from your own social media efforts and allowing you to place that content into ad units, your CTR shoots up.”  

Mobile Content Marketing

Mobile optimized content hub powered by InfiniGraph’s content trend scoring algorithms.   Give your customers a full mobile experience or plug in with your existing mobile offering. Content Hubs are designed to make any brand content mobile friendly bringing consumers back with relevance and greater desire to share. InfiniGraph Mobile Content Hub Intelligent Content Marketing

  • Integrate your eCom as part of the content display
  • Mobile content hub directs all traffic back to hub and social share to maximize brand engagement
  • Control in real-time
  • Mobile analytics built-in
  • See mobile optimized in action scan QR Code
  • Pet Products QR Code Mobile optimized

Content Amplification At Scale
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