Boost Content Marketing Engagement by Becoming Your Industry’s Buzzfeed

The Problem

This is Bob. He’s a CMO and he’s under a lot of pressure. He’s responsible for a lot of things AND digital marketing and social media. But social media burns through a lot of content and creating great content every day is difficult or impossible. He knows his team needs great content to do well with the Facebook algorithm

Bob’s marketing team finds that there’s too much content out there to filter through manually and find what’s relevant to their customers. They create a lot of content too but sometimes run out of ideas. Sometimes they don’t feel inspired.

Bob knows that their social content isn’t getting enough play and they can’t distribute their content easily on their website. The excitement and novelty of social makes their website seem boring and old- bob wants more pageviews and engagement on their content. he needs to drive web visitors to see and engage with more content. And he’s not happy with the solutions he has for partner content and advertiser content. What’s more, showing content that’s mobile-compatible can be problematic.

And most of all, he knows he doesn’t have enough people to get all these things done, and his people don’t have enough time. In one internet minute there are 3,000 photo uploads, 100,000 new tweets and 30 hours of YoutTube video uploaded. How could you ever hope to keep up if you’re doing it manually? Social media is great but creates a lot of business problems! so what can Bob do?


Announcing InfiniGraph’s new Content Hubs. Based on InfiniGraph’s competitive performance monitoring capability content hubs are like the Buzzfeed for brands, you can find out what’s trending, what’s the hottest content in your niche. Your content hub looks at social content from wherever you choose, like the facebook twitter and instagram of your brand, your competitors and your partners. Content hubs aggregate the hottest social media content according to your customers interaction with it. You can easily tweet, facebook any of this content to your corporate accounts. You can distribute your entire hub as content itself, and you can use its hot content as inspiration for what to create next.

Content HUB Viral Loop Example


Distribution is no longer a problem, because Bob can place his content hub at all his customer touchpoints on his ecommerce site, in outbound emails, on their website, blog and in facebook posts and tweets.  Putting this highly relevant and proven engaging content on his site boosted interaction and time on site. And Bob also discovered that as this distributed content is clicked on by his website visitors, that became part of the trend too. This viral loop let customers enhance the ranking of their favorite content.


Widget Hub

Many websites today use widgets to show you other hot content on their site you should check out. And they inject native ads- ads that look more like content than ads. Bob was able to us InfiniGraph’s content hub to inject their content into partner sites and to inject partner and advertiser content into these custom widgets on his site. This boosted revenue for his company and made his advertisers a lot happier.

Notice how below the recommended articles on their own site, Business Insider places a row of links to sponsored content. Up til now only top publishers have had this capability.


And here’s an example of the InfiniGraph Content Hub widget inserted on a website, right under where it says “Content Found For You”:

Blog WidgeytThat widget content starts with the hottest content InfiniGraph has found, but you can also inject your chosen content into it at will.

Always Mobile-Optimized

Bob didn’t have to worry about how the content hub showed on mobile, because InfiniGraph’s display of the content is mobile-friendly and worked great.

content on iphone

Check it out yourself! Try this live mobile pet industry hub

Time-Savings and Control

InfiniGraph did a lot of the aggregation and selection work for Bob and his team. They easily aggregated content from their entire industry, the most engaging content first. Your content hubs can be hand-picked. for some of their content hub uses, bob and his team wanted more control. It only took a few minutes for them to cherry pick their favorite content, and eliminate other posts. They could instantly add to or change this content with InfiniGraph’s hypercuration™ tool.

Hypercuration Powered Content Hub

In the end, Bob and his team found that InfiniGraph’s Content Hubs saved them a lot of time and made their social media and content marketing a lot more powerful. With all that new and hot, so easily organized and distributed, Bob and his team could spend more time enjoying the social experience with their customers and making impressive reports about how much their engagement and sales had jumped up as a result.

Maybe it’s time for your company to check out InfiniGraph’s Content Hubs. Contact them for a demo at

Try this live pet industry hub  or see more here powered by Hypercuration™.


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10 Types Of Content We All Crave: Content Marketer’s Essential Guide

We now live in an attention economy, where it’s harder and harder to get the attention of multitasking multi-device consumers. More and more companies are acting like publishers, creating killer content and using techniques like native advertising / Content Recommendation to garner further engagement. That’s how they get attention and mindshare. More and more marketers are curious about what kind of content people love. Some of the answers are here.

We originally posted 21 types of content people crave. These were seen by more than 675K people, generating 110 comments and 520 shares. Our summary top 10 graphic was seen by yet more. Based on the feedback we got, and our own research using InfiniGraph, we narrowed it down to what we think are the 10 most important. Let’s explore what those are and how you can use them in this blog post.

Original graphic came from Scott Aughtmon (@rampbusinesses) posted on

1. Reveal Secrets

I’m going to tell you a secret. Just kidding. See how that works? We pay attention. No one wants to be uninformed, or at a disadvantage from a lack of knowledge. InfiniGraph is in the business of telling secrets about social media to CMO’s. There are content pieces, themes, and strategies already working, either in your niche or another- if you only knew what it was. Contact us and we’ll let InfiniGraph tell you some secrets.

2. Remind Us That Dreams Can Come True

Life is tough. Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it sucks. We are fueled by our goals and our dreams. People love your Facebook page if it helps them believe in and achieve their dreams- whether that’s riding a mountain bike in the desert, or achieving financial freedom with their own business, or just enjoying good times with their friends. Every company has customers and all of those customers have individual and shared dreams. Tap into people’s dreams and drive them forward. Your products and services are just a means to the end. What’s the end?

3. David Defeats Goliath

Luke Skywalker. Hunger Games. Ender’s Game. The American Revolution. Ghandi. Martin Luther King Jr. They all are empowering stories because the little guy can win sometimes. And hope is a very powerful fuel that most of could use a bit more of.

4. Remind Us That We Matter

Everyone can’t be the President or Tom Cruise. Everyone is important. Sometimes we forget that. And how many problems could we solve if the disempowered were empowered and given a role? How much more could each of us do if we believed in ourselves and the part we play?

5. Confirm Our Assumptions (Tell Us We’re Right)

Nobody wants to be wrong. We want more and better information, but we also want confirmation that we haven’t been on the completely wrong track. That’s why it’s so powerful to tell someone that what they’re saying is valuable. Our emotions and pride get mixed up with out knowledge, so we feel more comfortable when people are confirming that at least some of our ideas are already right.

Is this at odds with #8? We’ll talk about that below.

6. Expose Unexpected Twists

Surprise! We love surprises. We love new information, new patterns, new revelations. In fact, one theory of humor is that we laugh when a comedian makes a new connection in your brain. Two things had never been connected before, and it’s hilarious how they now make sense together. Horror comes from the same place- surprise, but bad news, dangerous revelations- finding out that you aren’t as safe as you thought you were. Whether it’s comedy or tragedy, we love it.

Keep in mind that the best way to get someone to do something new is to scare them. Kinda like how if you don’t use InfiniGraph and your competitors do, you might lose mindshare and revenues. ;-) It’s true!

7. Tell Us A Story

The most popular forms of entertainment have always been stories. From the oral tradition of Homer’s Odyssey to Shakespeare to Hollywood, people crave stories. Stories scare, amuse and inspire us. They give us perspective. They help us live and work better. Or they just help us escape our own lives for awhile. Either way, they’re powerful attention grabbers, and while you have that attention, you can influence your listeners.

8. Challenge Our Assumptions (Tell Us We’re Wrong!)

Now you’re telling me I’m wrong? How dare you! Wait- at least you have my attention. The power of the contrarian is shocking people into wondering if they’ve been thinking about this all wrong. You can use it to grab attention, but then you’d better back it up. If you don’t, people will like you less for having fooled them. Even if you do have a valid and true contrarian point to make, end your content with some affirmation and make sure you’ve given people a way to deal with the new information constructively. Now you’ve created value- a type of value that differentiates you in the marketplace.

9. Inspire Us To Act

We’re always moving. Even when we sleep our minds are moving forward, exploring and acting. We want to go somewhere. We want you to help us get there. We don’t want to be depressed or stymied. Sometimes we’re stuck because we’re uninspired. Sometimes we don’t have the tools we need. Sometimes we stop believing we can get there. Whether it’s by inspiring, empowering, or leading, inspire your customers to act in a way that moves them toward their goals and dreams.

10. Make Us Laugh Or Smile

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Ok, depressed people don’t. But we want people to associate our brand with positive emotions. What’s more likely to get shared- things that make people feel good, that they can pass on to their friends and make them feel better? Or things that depress you? Who wants to share something like that? They say that fear gets people to try new things, but affirmation gets them to continue. So maybe your content is a mix of 10% alerting people to problems and 90% positive.

Then What?

You have to get attention and awareness before people can choose to buy from you. Having fans isn’t enough- because of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, you might not reach them all. Engaging content means visible content. And then if it’s persuasive, that means revenue. The same issue exists with Twitter- how many people actually see your tweets? Are they looking right now or doing something else? Clicks can be a better measure than followers. So learn the lessons of what kinds of content people crave, then make sure your content is also persuasive, and watch the cash register ring.

Start using InfiniGraph today to see brand insights, the brands your fans share, and the hottest content in your niche.

Social Intelligence Drives Improved Facebook Ad Buy – InfiniGraph Case Study

Client: DigitalEye (for its client Golden Spoon)
In January, Golden Spoon ran a Facebook ad campaign. Golden Spoon owns and operates three stores in Coachella Valley, Calif. The ad was designed to drive traffic to the company’s Facebook fan page with the call to action being “Like” this page (see illustration below). Fans were also asked to complete a registration form to join Golden Spoon’s e-mail list.



DigitalEye wanted to improve the Facebook ad buy targeting efficiency for Golden Spoon by using InfiniGraph’s Social Intelligence analysis to improve social targeting based on what consumers are connected to and most active around (brand affinity).

  • Discovery – Find brand affinities that are most relevant to the target audience.
  • Activation – Use trending brand affinities to increase targeting, clicktrough rates, “Likes” and improve purchase conversion.

Tasks included running a Social Intelligence analysis on Golden Spoon’s Facebook page and Twitter profile to obtain brand affinities, which were applied to the Facebook ad buy.


The prospect list was further refined using InfiniGraph’s Social Intelligence Brand Affinities feature, which taps into like-minded groups on Facebook, based on relevancy and activity.


The geographic target was Palm Springs and a 50-mile radius, while the demographic target focused on people ages 14 and up, women, as well as families (see illustration above).


Shown below is Golden Spoon’s “Affinity Map,” which shows how their target audience interacts with other brands. The Affinity Map was used to directly specify the company’s Facebook ad buy in the “follow by like” and interest area.


Brands, products and services consumer interact with the most (Affinity Map)


DigitalEye used InfiniGraph’s control panel to gain additional social intelligence and to determine what brands were trending most. Social Intelligence also aided in increasing clickthrough rate and reaching the most active consumer base.


Top-line results were as follows:

  • Clickthrough rate: 6%
  • Liked page fan: 51%
  • Conversion to buy: 18%*
  • Same store sales: up 13.7% during promotional period.

* Coupon redemption rate was reported to be approximately 18% with each e-mail promotion.
New Facebook likes were up 162%, while monthly active users rose 105%. Post feedbacks were boosted 612% and post views increased 249%. DigitalEye CEO Gary Brewer adds “We’re running promos on slow days Mondays and Tuesdays on Facebook and sales are equivalent to what they are on a weekend.”


DigitalEye’s campaign tactics are shown below:


Golden Spoon’s Facebook fan page and sign-up form.

Post was picked up by ClickZ Tuning Your Content: Social Media for Content Publishers

Social Intelligence Drives Improved Facebook Ad Buy – InfiniGraph Case Study (PDF)